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SHARP PC-E500 information

The Sharp PC-E500 is a small handheld computer which is capable of running programs written in BASIC. It is quite powerful for such a small unit, can be used as a calculator and can also be programmed in machine code.

I used the PC-E500 in the development of the Stereoscopic Video System at Curtin University. I wrote some software and developed some hardware for the PC-E500 which allowed it to communicate with and program IC's which use the Philips I2C (I squared C) two wire serial bus.

The full specifications of the PC-E500 are available here.

I have a range of information available for the PC-E500 incuding programs and manuals.

The following list represents most of the programs I have for my SHARP PC-E500. All of the programs are shareware or public domain. If you have any other programs for the SHARP PC-E500 which are not on this list, please send me a copy.

If you have any PC-E500 programs from Pockecom Journal, please send me a copy.

connect4 (2k)The game of connect4 for two players. (in BASIC)
dumptoolA hex dump tool and also a machine code assembler.
Heavy metal miniA shoot'em up game (something like defender). Written in machine code for really fast action! The best game on the E500.
Heavy metal 2The sequel for Heavy metal mini More levels and nastier enemies. The best game sequel on the E500. Also written in machine code. (13k)
lhex (4k)A file compression program for the E500 (like lharc). Written in machine code.
register (3k)A program which prints out the contents of the registers in the CPU. Written in machine code.
s_golf (6k)A golf game program (I think) (in Basic).
treda screen editor written in machine code. Two versions available: tred104.zip (11k) and tred111.zip (9k)
tydisasm (3k)a machine code disassembler. (Basic)
uudecode (15k)a series of programs for uuencoding and uudecoding binary files (8 bit) <-> text files (7 bit) (basic and machine code) These files are useful because the SHARP PC-LINK Connector will only transfer 7 bit files. By Eiji Kako
vogue (122k)A 'C' like compiler for the PC-E500 by Narihito Kon. Unfortunately the documents are in Japanese. (feel like converting them to English?)
xasm126 (48k)a cross assembler. Documents are only in Japanese.
tydos (6k)Documents only (only in Japanese).
kanje500A Kanji device driver for the E500. (if you want to display japanese characters on the screen of the E500).

insttabl.txtThe full instruction table for the CPU of the PC-E500. Also relevant to some Sharp electronic organisers.
rs232-12.txtHow to build your own SHARP to PC serial conversion cable. What hardware to build and what software to use. This cable can also be used on the OZ/IQ-7200/8000 range of SHARP Wizards/electronic organisers (and others). The archive containing the circuit board files for this document is also available: "PCLNKPCB.ZIP"
dumptoolThere is also some machine coding documentation available in the dumptool documentation mentioned in the programs listing above.

artiller.basAn artillery game written in basic by Mika Aronen of Finland (y95smiar@kotakk.fi). (6k) instructions: artiller.txt (2k)
technical.basA small technical program submitted by Rolf de Pietro of Switzerland (r_de_pietro@bluewin.ch).
stageman.zip9 basic programs submitted by Dirk Stagemann of Germany (Dirk_Stagemann@t-online.de). Some programs have Gernan text. The programs are: ascii.bas, aw.bas, dauerfes.bas, hangman.bas, inv-a.bas, martina.bas, mindmast.bas, test.bas & x1.bas. (PKZIP achive 6k, uncompressed 18k).
sgame.basA simple game written in basic by Jani Kleindienst (janik@comcom.si) <http://www.comcom.si/~janik/>. (4k)
edit500.zipAn ASCII-editor with many features (up to 254 characters per line, 39 visible, full screen horizontal scrolling, quick access to capitals, etc) by Matthias Schulte (matsch.bbs@dosis.uni-dortmund.de).
bascom.zipA BASIC like compiler for the PC-E500. Written by Yoshikazu Takahashi (TORO) (ghe00667@nifty.ne.jp). Supplied by Sebastien Furic (sebastien.furic@tni.fr).

Other Sharp/PC-E500 Resources

The following sites are no longer active. You might be able to retrieve some of their old contents using www.archive.org.

Sharp PC-E500 and parts availability

When the Sharp PC-E500 was new, it (and accessories) were available from the following suppliers (and others). These days you may wish to try Ebay.

Portacom, 1181 Hay Street, West Perth 6005, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9481 1565 . . . Fax: +61 8 9324 1259
WWW: http://www.portacom.com.au
Comments: They were selling the PC-E500S. They also have a 128kB Ram card for the PC-E500 and other optional hardware.
More News: [August 1, 2001] Portacom advises that the PC-E500S is still in production - they recently recieved new stock with a June 2001 production date!

Yellow Computing, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Strasse 1, D-74177 Bad Friedrichshall, GERMANY.
Phone: +49 7136 9511 0 . . . Fax: +49 7136 9511 11
WWW: http://www.yellow.de
Comments: The web site is in German. I don't know whether they sell the PC-E500 but they do sell some converters (Transfile).

Larry Berg, Purple Computing, 2048 Southside Road, Box 100, Murphy, OR 97533, USA.
Phone: "+1" 541 479 8087   Fax: 8089   Web: http://www.pfranc.com
Comments: sells 15pin connectors and possibly completed level converters.

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