Sharp PC-E500 Pocket Computer Specifications

Processor:            8-bit CMOS CPU: `SC-62015' / `ESR-L'
Programming Language: BASIC
System ROM:           256 K Bytes
Memory Capacity:      System Internal: 3.8k bytes approx.
                      Fixed Variable area: 312 bytes
                      Program/data area: 28600 bytes
Stack: Total:         145 bytes
                      (subroutine 4 bytes/stack, )
                      (FOR-NEXT: 21 bytes/stack  )
Operators:            Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,
                      trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions,
                      logarithmic and exponential functions, angle
                      conversion, square and square root, power, sign,
                      absolute, integer, coordinate conversion, pi, etc.
Numeric Precision:    10 digits (mantissa) + 2 digits (exponent)
                      single precision mode
                      20 digits (mantissa) + 2 digits (exponent)
                      double precision mode
                      In the CAL, MATRIX and STAT modes, onle the single-
                      precision mode can be used.
Editing featres:      Cursor left and right, line up and down, character
                      insert, character delete.
Memory protection:    Battery Backup
Interface capability: 11 pin (for cassette interface, disk, printer, etc)
Serial input/output features:
 Standards:           start-stop transmission (asynchronous) system
                      Half/full duplex
 Baud rates:          300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600 baud (bps)
 parity bits:         Even, odd or no parity
 data bits:           7 or 8 bits
 stop bit:            1 or 2 bits
 connectors used:     15-pin connector (for external equipment)
 output signal level: CMOS level (4 to 6 volts)
 Interfacing signals: Inputs: RD,CS,CD
                      Outputs: SD,RS,RR,ER
                      Others: SG,FG,VC
Display:              liquid crystal display with 4 lines and 40 columns of
                      characters.  Each character is 5*7 pixels.
                      Total pixels: 32(V)x240(H)
Keys:                 89 keys
                      Alphanumeric, numeric, special symbols, and functions
                      numeric keypad
                      programmable function keys
Power supply:         for computer operation:
                      6.0 Vdc Type-AAA dry cell battery (R03) x 4
                      for memory backup:
                      3.0 Vdc Lithium battery (CR2016) x 1
Power consumption:    0.07W at 6.0 Vdc
                      Approximately 70 hours of continuous operation under
                      normal conditions (based on 10 minutes of operation
                      or program execution and 50 minutes of display per
                      hour at a temperature of 20 degrees C / 68 degrees F).
                      The operating time may vary depending on usage
                      and the type of battery used.
Operating Temperature:0-40 degrees C (32-104 degrees F)
Dimensions:           200(W)x100(d)x14(H)mm
Weight:               250g (0.55lb) (with batteries)
Accessories:          hard cover, four dry batteries, one lithium batteries
                      and operation manual
Options:              Plug-in RAM cards 8kb (CE-212M), 16kB (CE-2H16M)
                      32kB (CE-2H32M), 64kB (CE2H64M), 128kB
                      Printer Cassette interface (CE-126P)
                      Printer (CE-515P)
                      Pocket disk drive (CE-140F)

Processor Specifications:
8-bit CMOS CPU:       Designation: SC-62015, Name: ESR-L
Memory Space:         Data:    1Mb continuous
                      Program: 64 kbytes x 16 segments
Built-in 236 byte RAM:This internal memory makes up a separate memory space
                      from the external memory, and its address allocation
                      is as follows:
                        00H to EBH: RAM
                        ECH to FFH: Pointers, control command registers,
                                    data buffers, I/O ports, etc.
Main clock:           ceramic-oscillated 2.304 MHz (1.30 usec. exectute cycle)
                      Changeable by PLA to:
                       1.536 MHz (1.95 usec. execute cycle) or
                       3.072 MHz (0.98 usec. execute cycle)
Sub-clock:            CR-oscillated typ. 40kHz (as a display clock and as a
                      timer for a half), or
                      Crystal-oscillated 32.768 kHz (used when providing
                      a clock function)
Interrupt:            7 factors: 2 timers, 2 keys, 2 UARTS, and external
UART:                 Baud rate:        300 to 9600
                      Parity:           even/odd/no
                      Character length: 7/8
                      stop bit:         1/2
                      break out function
I/O:                  A0 to A18:        address buses
                      CE0 to CE7:       chip select output pins
                      DIO0 to DIO7:     data buses
                      MRQ RD WR:        memory control pin
                      KO1 to KO15:      key strobe output ports
                      KI0 to KI7:       key input ports
                      E0 to E15:        general I/O ports
                      0A HA DIS:        LCD driver control pin
                      TXD:              UART data output pin
                      RXD:              UART data input pin
                      CO:               CMT data output pin
                      CI:               CMT data input pin
                      IRQ:              External interrupt input pin
                      ON:               ON key input pin
The Sharp PC-E500 was available from many SHARP dealers all around the world.

The Sharp PC-E500 was used in a research project (The development of a stereoscopic video system) conducted by me in 1990-1992.

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